Is Your Content, SEO, and Social Media Working Together?

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Internet marketing is changing— focusing heavily on keywords and link building isn’t enough anymore. With Google and social media continuing to change and grow, businesses are going to have to change their tactics as well.

As a Seattle SEO expert company, we continue to grow our content marketing, SEO and social media, but that isn’t enough anymore. We have to take those areas and work together. These areas have to come together, closely and continuously in order to grow our online presence.

I recently came across an article on how content marketing, SEO and social media should work together, website creations. This article was right on the target. Being great at each of these areas individually isn’t enough. As a company we have to work together.


Creating great content

Our content marketing team is wonderful and they write great content, but they have to know what to write. The article points out, Google rewards sites that have quality content, therefore, you need to be writing not only often but up-to-date, relevant content.

By bringing content, SEO, and social media together, you can more easily determine what readers want to see, what Google wants to see, and what people who are searching for your content want to see. Writing the right content is essential in not only bringing in new readers but keeping those you have.

Sharing your content

Having great content isn’t enough. Again, content, SEO and social media must work together to promote your content. It is important to determine the best places to promote and who you want to see your content.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ may not always be enough. Depending on your business other sites such as Pinterest, Reddit, and online forums and communities may be great places to try as well. By working together, you should be able to determine who and where your content should be seen.

Analyze your content

Lastly, make sure you are tracking your results so that you can determine whether you have met your goals and objectives. By using social media data and tools such as Google Analytics you can see what is working and what isn’t. This will allow you to continue creating content your readers want to see and possibly eliminating content that’s not working


Working together

A great way to ensure your content, SEO, and social media is working together is by planning a meeting each week or month to outline your goals and objectives with your local Seattle SEO Company. Decide what you want to achieve and come up with content, SEO, and social media strategies that allow you to work together to reach your goal.

In conclusion, set goals, create great, relevant content, promote your content through social media and analyze that content. By bringing these three areas together, you can increase traffic and hopefully rank higher on Google and other search engines. Creating a successful strategy to linking these three areas together is key to having a successful online presence.